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VM. Sumesh

Sumesh is a recognized sales professional who has 15 years’ experience in various multinational companies in different designations.

Sumesh has achieved 4000% increase in his salary over 15years span of his sales career. He could do it by applying certain principles and process in his sales career.

Now Sumesh is on a MISSION to pass on this secret to entry level sales persons to 3X their income.

Sumesh has awarded multiple times for his consistent performance and deliver above the target given.

VM. Sumesh’s team management and leadership qualities are well known in the industry. Born in a humble middle class family, son of a bus driver and his mother is  housewife.

He has achieved all this with his sheer commitment and confidence.

In his 15 years of sales career one thing Sumesh understood is, be coachable and learning is a never ending process. With this commitment he is pursuing his PG in psychology. He is aiming to integrate psychological principles with the sales career.

VM. Sumesh is known by his mentees/team members as a master of planning and over delivering by creating an expanded comfort zone. He has managed a team of up to 25 people and able to drive them focused all over the year to achieve their set target and above.

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VP. Madhu

VP.Madhu’s purpose in life is to redefine sales profession and create a more sophisticated and skilled professional at the entry level itself.

VP.Madhu believes that by redefining entry level sales professional, he is sowing a different organization culture and ultimately it leads to reaping a different experience for the customer altogether.

VP. Madhu, has a mission to enable 1 million entry level sales professional 3X their sales career.

VP. Madhu is hugely passionate about redefining the sales career and 3X the sales career of sales professional. So that there will be more entrepreneurial mind set sales professional.

VP. Madhu has 15 years’ experience in a sales field and 2 years as an entrepreneur. He knows how a sales professional think and how an entrepreneur think. With 15 years of experience he knows the top 100 problems every sales professional face irrespective of which field they are in.

VP. Madhu during his career has awarded best sales person South India for a well-known airline company and awarded for consistent performance.

He is known as a mentor to his subordinates and students who can train them well to develop a hunter attitude in salesmanship.